Warren Farm



Warren Farm

Ealing residents opinion.

Lord Toby Young is correct in that the Warren Farm Facilities are in need of repair and rejuvenation. However, he completely misses the point that so concerns local residents, residents associations and the Brent River & Canal Society.

Ealing Council has deliberately allowed the facilities at Warren Farm, especially the changing rooms to run down. It is only because of this that Queens Park Rangers Football Club has been invited to take over the area. The land at Warren Farm is green open space designated as Metropolitan Open Land and Brent River Park. It belongs to the people of the borough of Ealing

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"Green open space that belongs to us is being taken away and given to a private company"

It is vital that Ealing and broader authorities respect the future needs of an increasing local population to have access to open green spaces in London, and that Warren Farm is kept as an open space sports centre and natural resource for the community as a whole now; and for the next 200 years.

Ealing Council are frittering away our boroughs assetts from right under our noses - are we going to sit back and just let them do that.

Ealing council are giving away for free a prime protected valuable piece of real estate, for 200 years for no financial consideration that could have been funneled back to benefit the borough and alleviate lack of funding for many vital projects. Saving the A&E at Ealing springs to mind.


A poly tunnel style sports hall, and 8 changing rooms is all that residents from Ealing will receive in return.  The so called community space is not delineated in the lease and therefore is not legally gaurenteed to remain. Residents who enjoy the land for recreational purposes will no longer be allowed access.


QPR will also received circa £4million pounds for accepting "Land fill rubble" on to the site, which will be used to create a 16ft high wall running along Jubillee Meadows, despoiling the views and overshadowing Old Hanwell residents and the Canal below .


The land can be mortgaged by QPR without further permissions from Ealing Council, and they can re-assign the lease if they so desire.



Open Space resource must be maintained for an ever increasing local population

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