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The "gifting" of a 200 year lease by Ealing council in order to faciliate this development.


200 year loss of open community use as this protected Metropolitan Open Land will be fenced off from non paying public, with general access denied for non sport playing residents of Ealing.

Loss of peaceful enjoyment for local residents from floodlighting till 10.30

7 days a week.  Land fill scheme transporting land fill to the site in 1 truck every 4 mins, for 8 months.

721 Car Parking Spaces to be built to accomodate visitors.


17 Metre High mega infrastructure.


Teared seating for 800 visitors to watch matches once a month.


Reduction of current number of community pitches, smaller in size, and offered at Tenants discreation and cost, yet to be confirmed or published.


Loss of diversity of current sporting activities for community groups, schools and adult sports club accross the borough. Many groups no longer allowed to use Warren Farm.


support our cause to save warren farm and allow it to remain as a community sports facility

Redevelopment of the site, following demolition of the existing buildings, to provide a first team training and academy facility for Queen's Park Rangers Football Club, incorporating a two-storey, with basement, training centre building, a three-storey multi-functional operations building, an indoor hall building, a single storey maintenance building and a single storey plant building, along with three First Team pitches and seven Academy/Youth pitches, plus the re-provision of community facilities incorporating a single storey Community Trust building linked to the indoor hall (shared with QPR), a single storey community building, incorporating changing rooms, showers, wc's and social space and eleven football pitches, including one artificial pitch, and three cricket wickets. In addition, the development proposes associated developments including 453 permanent car parking spaces (plus overspill parking for a further 259 cars), flood lighting, boundary treatments, an additional vehicle and pedestrian point of access onto Windmill Lane, hard and soft landscaping and engineering works to re-grade the site to provide level playing surfaces

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Planning Application

Reference number: P/2012/5124 ...

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Warren Farm is situated in the London Borough of Ealing, between Windmill Lane, Norwood Green to the South, and Hanwell to the North East.  It is also part of the Brent River Park, which was voted by the community as the priorty park for West London in the Mayors' "Help a London Park" scheme.  For further information on why this community sports ground needs to be saved for the community and not handed over to a corporate entity read more.

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