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The protection of our City’s Metropolitan Land is a London-wide issue, and the protection of Green Belt has national implications. You do not have to be local to Warren Farm or to live in Ealing to Sign the petition. Currently standing at 2859 spread accross 2 petitions as of November 2016



Please sign the petition #1.  But before you do, please think of the reason why you think this campaign is so important, whether you live locally to Warren Farm, in the wider Borough of Ealing, in London or elsewhere in the UK.  



So please also sign petition #2 at  38 Degrees petition.

38 DEGREES HAVE TAKEN US UNDER THEIR WING. so the campaign is thrilled to announce, that we now have the support of 38 Degrees, who see the value of our cause, and want to help promote it.

38 Degrees members work together to bring about real change in the UK by taking action on the issues that we all care about.  We have just opened this new petition and therefore need to move over signatures from our old petition, your support in that process would be most helpful. 3







38 Degrees is one of the UK's biggest campaigning communities, with over 2.5 million members.  "We share a desire for a more progressive, fairer, better society and come together to decide which issues we campaign on and the actions we‘ll take to help us achieve that."  38 Degrees supports the "Save Warren Farm" campaign.

They are a loud and persistent knock on the door of the politicians, influencers and institutions who make the decisions that affect us all. They hold them to account and make sure they listen and respond to our calls for positive change.  


Every signature counts!




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Please contact us if you would like to help collect signatures for the petition, help with fundraising, or would like to volunteer.


          Please message the group via the facebook Page


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