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The Judicial Review is expensive.  We will have to pay solicitor’s and barrister’s fees as well as Court fees.  


We aim to undertake this action in the most cost effective way possible, but we will still need to raise in the order of £30,000, and raise it quickly. Therefore if this matter affects you please donate quickly, like us on Facebook, sign the petition, share with your friends, and tweet away. None of this is possible without your support.  All donations go 100% to the legal fund, as all of the Save Warren Farm Team have donated their time and effort for free.


We have been incredibly successfull, in that we still have a good case, and our numbers are growing, as we continue to fight for Warren Farm into this new judicial review that will see stronger and new arguments brought to bare.  We believe that it must be an illegal decision by Ealing Council to give away the land for free for 2oo years, inr return for a small poly tunnel style community hall and 8 new changing rooms.


If you believe that the protection of Metropolitan Open Land (London’s equivalent of Green Belt) for the future health of London and its inhabitants, to the end of the 21st century and beyond, is of paramount importance, and if you do not believe that public open space, dedicated to community sports, should be leased for generations to a commercial organisation to build upon, for its own bespoke purposes, whilst keeping residents fenced out,  then please donate to our Campaign generously and take action with us now by using the links to right.

Be part of a positive change to protect Ealings sports facilities for the community for the next 200 years, have your voice heard.  


We are being forced to fight because we have to stop:-









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If you are one of the many groups no longer able to use Warren farm for your sporting group or school groups activiites we would like to hear from you, by private message on our facebook page, link below


It is vitally important with so much information that we state clearly why we are being forced to fight. We do not believe that Ealing Council has the right to dispose of this borough wide asset, therefore we need to legally prevent its ill considered disposal.  


Whilst the new plans for Warren Farm may well result in the tenant improving  8 changing rooms and providing an indoor poly tunnel, plastic roofed sports hall, the actual variation of sports and amount of time available for community will be reduced drastically to an unacceptable level whilst the land will be fenced of preventing residents from accessing and enjoying the open land.  Replacing the open views across the land with a 17mt high warehouse style building more suitable to a trading estate or Heathrow airport than  open fields adjacent to conservation land.


We do not believe that covering Warren Farm, with landfill, and creating a 5m 16.5.ft high wall blocking residents out at the Hanwell Side, creating a disturbance to residents by delivering it in 1 truck every 8 mins for 8 months is a fair exchange.  Furthermore the uncessary destruction of nature and wildlife by the introduction of this land fill  rubble to meet the sole needs and purposes of the Ltd company tenant is unforgivable.  But the fact that it will be QPR who net approx £4million from this "importation" scheme by accepting the land fill on Public land, is utterly scandloulous.


Whilst no one is arguing that the facilities are urgently in need of updating we do not believe that loss of sporting hours for the community is an acceptable trade off.  We firmly believe that Ealing Council have not explored alternative funding available to secure a much needed regeneration investment, that would see the facilities upgraded and available for the sole use to the community of Ealing, as they currently enjoy, whilst keeping the glorious open fields for residents of Ealing for the next 200 years.


There is a strong alternative vision that could create a powerful and lasting legacy for Warren Farm, not sole occuation by a corporate ltd company that can re-assign the lease at will.  This is public land #ourland, and the team will not rest untill Ealing Council work with us to secure it future for 100% Public access and use.


Furthermore we are fighting for all the adult, community and school groups that will no longer be able to use Warren Farm and have now been displaced from our community sports fields in favor of the new tenants' requirements and preferential use.



The LOSS of precious irreplaceable Metropolitan Open Land and natural open views, of national importance, that join the conservation "green lung" of Brent River Parks and canal.


The LOSS of currently available types of sport enjoyed by groups and schools alike. The community cricket pitches will be reduced from six to three; the new ones will be overlapped by the football pitches making simultaneous mixed cricket and football tournaments eg Tamil Sports Association, impossible.

  •    All ten existing outdoor Netball courts will be lost

  •    All three Shot Put pits will be lost

  •    All six Long Jump tracks will be lost


The LOSS of available sporting hours, reduced to a minimum community allocation, at new tennants discreation, rather than the 100% available now on the best drained pitches in London. We are still waiting for the  published price list for public use.


The LOSS of the many adult, community and School groups who will be displaced and no longer able to run sporting sessions and events at Warren Farm, in favour of the new tennants use. Insufficient space will remain for many large community sports events previously held on the grounds eg: The Tamil Sports Association’s football and cricket tournaments, nor for other potential income generators like the popular Ealing Mela.


The loss of female orientated sports such a netball, archery and other sports that appeal to women and men.


Loss of Freely accessible public open space will be lost where local residents currently can walk, relax and play games as they have previously done for generations Insufficient space will remain for the long-established model flying club safely to train new members


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If you feel strongly about the loss of Warren Farm to the Ealing Community please use the links above to take action with us now, and feel free to leave a comment or private mesage on our facebook page and we will publish it on our site.

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Loss of this view                           Loss of Sports                              Loss of Public access                        Loss of Sporting hours.

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