Warren Farm



Warren Farm

News  Tuesday 14th May 2014 - PRESS RELEASE

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Do you think Ealing Council has to right to dispose of its assets on your behalf, by giving them away for free to Corporate Ltd companies

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Accepting this project will set a borough wide precendent to give away and allow excessive development on Open spaces, that belong to local residents, not corporate entities.


Warren Farm needs to remain open, not only for competitive sport, but for those that enjoy peaceful, recreational and quite access to the OPEN field at Warren Farm, not closed off and owned by a corporate identity for 200 years.


In the Government policy for west London 5F.1 The strategic priorities for West London states the need to 1). "Improve the quality of the environment, particularly improving air quality and minimizing noise in and around Heathrow, and strengthening the provision of open space.


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"Once lost these precious open spaces can never be retrieved... Warren Farm will be lost as a free natural recreational space to residents and children and their childrens children for 200 years. Replaced by a megalith factory style building and fenced off from the people who own it.


At the rate we are going in 10 years time we will probably be packed in like sardines in Ealing - the open peacefull field of Warren Farm a distant wistful memory.

What use will "Elite football trainning for a tiny few whose parents can afford it - be then? It will be open natural fields that people will cry out for and where will Ealing Council find one of those from for us then?


This Council has failed us, and stolen our land, and given it for nothing to a corporate Ltd company that serves its share holders not the interests of those the Council claim to represent.  This is a dark day for Ealing and this deal will come back to haunt those who have arrogantly forced it upon us, without a shred of wisdom or foresight for our borough assets it is duty bound to protect. Every resident of Ealing should be outraged"

Hanwell Resident

What one local resident has to say  ...

David Telford, Director at Hurleypalmerflatt and a practising environmental psychologist, strongly believes that open space has a human amenity value.

He asserts that open spaces have the capacity to meet a “pyramid of human needs.” This pyramid includes the need to feel comfortable, the need for leisure/exercise, the need for social interaction, and the need for aesthetics. By meeting the “pyramid of human needs,” an open space has the capacity to indirectly transform an area as the

area’s residents are more motivated and economically productive.


" The public realm affects our humanity and our enjoyment of life. The totality of civic space is what matters, not just a few good buildings. Everyone should be able to enjoy open, public space. It should be simple in concept, so it can be used by everyone in different ways. One of the responsibilities of developers is that we must remember that cities should be a series of places. Creating and maintaining good open spaces can help to generate civic pride.”


– Sir Stuart Lipton, Deputy Chairman, Chelsfield Partners







Meeting the "Pyramid of Human Needs"  ...