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Warren Farm one of Ealings' remaining public Metropolitan Open Land and Community Sports Ground deserves our protection  

Loss of Sporting facilities and Open Space

We object to the loss of the current community sporting facilities and open space on Warren Farm that has enlivened the broad spectrum of it's users for many years, whilst satisfying many levels of community requirement.  Those of the sporting fraternity; across a number of disciplines, and those of the local and borough wide residents that enjoy the daily psychological and physical benefits of running and walking, playing relaxing on Metropolitan Open Land as it was intended. We believe it must remain open, and shared by all at the exclusion of none.  The local population have enjoyed access to 100% of the sporting hours available on the site, and are fighting for the right to continue to do so, rather than allow Ealing Council to dispose of the land, granting a 200 year lease to a corporate client who will fence off the land and reduce the amount of sporting hours and facilities for the residents of Ealing.


Inappropriate mega structure not required for local community - loss of open space and view.

The new buildings far exceeds anything that would be considered acceptable on any development let alone M.O.L which emphatically states that development will only be allowed if it doesn't affect the openness of the MOL and or exceeds the structure that currently exists. Further more the 100% loss of view and "openness" of a 17 mtr high building for the benefit of a corporate tenants sole use is itself utterly unacceptable.... Find out more



Loss of Sporting Hours and reduction in types of sports now available.

Historically we had full access to a whole range of sports enjenjoy 100% of the community sporting hours available at Warren Farm and whilst no one can argue the facilities urgently need modernisation, we believe that opportunities to secure funding to upgrade them have not been sufficiently explored.  We also believe that if the site were to remain a facility for the community it does not require such an extended and impactful footprint as is proposed in the planning application. The massive increase in and investment currently being considered is predominately required to meet the bespoke needs of the corporate tenant, with only a tiny fraction going towards the needs of the diminished access and use of local sportsman.


Children told they can no longer use Warren Farm for sports.

A case in point is the APNA Youth inter schools football tournament which used to hold its annual gathering at Warren Farm.  


This terrific and popular annual event has indeed been held at Ealing Borough’s Warren Farm for 12 successive years.  Sixteen primary schools in the west of the Borough took part with many schools entering more than one team.  This year’s cup winners, St John’s Primary School, whose pupils  mostly live in flats in and around the Green Man Lane Estate in West Ealing, has absolutely NO green space on site.  So you can imagine how much it means to these youngsters to compete in this open space and win this trophy.  They are to be heartily congratulated, as indeed should all the entering teams.  


Importantly, eight pitches were in use at the same time during this tournament.  Warren Farm’s 61 acres currently host the largest and best quality community playing fields in the Borough; they have space to play football, cricket, field athletics and other sports at the same time, and the best drainage - no fixtures have been cancelled due to waterlogging for a decade.  


But the organisers of this schools’ tournament have been told that this is the last year they can hold the event at Warren Farm as once Ealing hands over the lease, there will be insufficient community playing field space to host such events.  The same has be told to the Tamil Sports Association, who have already held two

sports days this summer at Warren Farm with simultaneous football, cricket and netball tournaments.


No community benefits confirmed. Ealing’s Planning Committee has approved this controversial commercial development on our community playing fields, but the lease has not yet been signed.  Neither has the Section 106 agreement which we are told will outline the heretofore nebulous ‘benefits’ to the community of this ‘deal’.  There is still time to act to save this precious facility.


Many people believe that Ealing’s decision to lease Warren Farm for 200 years, at a peppercorn rent, to an organisation for its own commercial headquarters is unlawful, especially given that only one third of the original outdoor grass sports space will continue to be available for community use, without that being delineated in the lease in perpetuity.  Outdoor facilities for fewer sports are to be provided.  Whilst none of the land will any longer be freely accessible to the public as the whole site will be surrounded by 8 foot high, opaque, security fencing with access controlled by the lessee.  Whilst a 16ft wall of land fill (earning QPR circa £4million, from contractors dumping 19200 loads of land fill on the site over 8 months,  will block residents from the Hanwell Side


Pre-action correspondence is underway with Ealing Council as part of the protocol for trying to resolve issues in advance of a 2nd Judicial Review (on further new grounds) which would challenge the process leading to this unlawful decision.


We believe this is something worth fighting for, and regret that we have been forced to into this position, but once lost this land can not be replaced.


If you agree, please support our campaign, so we can fight on your behalf and stand united to protect sporting facilities for Ealing residents for the next 200 years.


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To prevent plans to dispose of this                      with loss of this                                       to make way for this.

We loose active community sports field             One of Ealing's Treasured open views         in exchange for an excessive corporate H.Q & VIP facilities for tenants sole use

Loss of unspoilt open views   -            Loss of sports inculding Cricket & netball    -         Loss of free public access          -        Loss of sporting hours for the community

QPR SET TO EARN APPROX £4million from receiving landfill on public land.  They will earn money from destroying public land so as to expand their yearly income by creating more pitches for paid hire. With no financial return/share going  back to the public purse.


They can improve their financial position by using public land to re-mortgage against, or re-assign the lease, with NO further permission required from Ealing Council.


QPR will retain 100% of the income from pitch fees charged on Warren Farm.  In the last year of trading  even with the deliberately dilapidated changing rooms grossed £58,000


And receiving a 200 year lease for no financial income for Ealing Council and the public.


In return the public will have access to 8 changing rooms, some community pitches, and use of a poly tunnel style hall when QPR do not have use of it.


NONE of the so called community space will be delineated  in the lease in perpetuity, and therefore there is no legal requirement to have community space there is 2 years let alone 200.


No published list of locals sports teams, groups or costs associated with the public using the space have been published.


The Local community do not required QPR to provide a community sports programme, they are happy with their own local established coaches.