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Warren Farm represents one of Ealing's largest examples of M.O.L, and we should insist the council defend the level of protection that commands. It is vital that it remains 100% open access to ALL residents of Ealing not just those wishing to partake in sporting activites but those that enjoy the OPEN space for leisure, recreation. Ealing Council must not be allowed to dispose of this land fencing it off in favour of a 200 year Corporate Tennant......Find out more

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We are saying No to the fencing off Metropolitan Open Land.

Open space in London is an assett and an intrinsic part of people’s lives, regardless of nationality, job role or seniority. Adults report that childhood nature experiences are important and positive. When asked to identify the most significant environment from their childhoods, 96.5 % of a broad sample of adults identified an outdoors environment.  It stands to reason that adults who have more direct contact with such an environment would experience better mental health. ........ Find out more

The loss of Open Green Spaces - for the residents of Ealing

There is little or no evidence to prove that Ealing Council have considered other uses for Warren Farm.  Whilst everyone can agree that the Council have allowed the facilities to decline in recent years, we dont believe that they have sufficiently explored other avenues that would compliment the exsiting community sporting facilities..... Find out more  Disposing of the land is not a sensible option.

Other uses for Warren Farm  have not been considered.

Reducing the number of sporting genres at Warren Farm diminishes the appeal accross a much broader spectrum of residents in Ealing.  Not everyone will benefit from this coporate orientated mega structure, that offers reduced community facilities, ignours the needs of our diverse community, fences off the open recreational space, and deprives many who currently enjoy Warren Farm as an open excercising, social/relaxation and recreational space now and in the next 200 years.

The Plan does not meet the diverse needs of the broader community

Loss of community sports and available hours is not acceptable to make way for unecessary overdevelopment

Currently we enjoy 100% of community sporting use at  Warren Farm, with a structure that whilst it needs updating, does not require such an extended and impactful footprint as is proposed in the planning application. The new buildings far exceed anything that would be considered acceptable on any development let alone M.O.L which emphatically states that development will only be allowed if it doesn't affect the openess of the MOL and or exceeds the structure that currently exists. Further more the 100% loss of view and "openess" of a 17 mtr high building for the benefit of a corporate tennants predominant use is itself utterly unacceptable.... Find out more

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Alternative funding options to modernise facilities have not been fully explored or allocated.  

Everyone would like to see the current facilities updated, so that the many current users can continue to enjoy sporting events at Warren Farm, but we do not believe available funding has been explored or allocated to this one of Ealings' most important  community sporting facilities.

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Loss of open M.O.L views.          Loss of sports                          Loss of public access                        Loss of community sporting hours.


LOU HOOS Chief Executive of QPR gave a public interview stating that only 2 "iritating" people were interested in Saving Warren Farm and protecting it for the public to use.  (Dated 5th September 2016)  

When  OVER 1600 people signed a petition with 38 Degrees in only 13 days - in Aug 2016 alone.


This is over and beyond the further 1521 signatures that exist on the Go petition .  

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