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Warren Farm

What is Metropolitan Open Land - Why Protect it?

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Accepting this project will set a borough wide precendent to give away and allow excessive development on Open spaces, that belongs to residents of the Borough of Ealing, not corporate entities.

The Mayor has said he will and boroughs should maintain the protection of Metropolitan open Land (MOL). So we need to request they do. Write to the Mayor asking that he does urgently.

Ealing Council should include in its planning consideration, a presumption against inappropriate development of MOL and give the same level of protection as the green belt.

Reducing the current level of community sporting provision at Warren Farm is unacceptable. Local schools and borough wide community groups will no longer be able to use the space as they have, ending their vital need for sports facilities.

Creating this overdeveloped, gated corporate facility, closing off  Warren Farm creates an unacceptable ADVERSE IMPACT on the  OPENNESS of Warren Farm MOL and represents an inappropriate development

This plan does not comply with West London 5F.1 The strategic priorities for West London that states the need to 1). "Improve the quality of the environment, particularly improving air quality and minimizing noise in and around Heathrow, and strengthening the provision of open space.  The provision of 712 car parking spaces, the required to service transport requirements to this area that has NO public transport links what so ever, accompanied by the perpetual noise and floodlighting 7 days a week does not improve the quality of the environment, or minimise noise in an area beseiged with Air Traffic and the flight paths in and out of Heathrow.



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Warren Farm represents one of Ealing's largest spaces of Metropolitan Open Land - We should strongly resist Ealing Council's plans to allow it to be fenced off and given away to any corporate partner reducing the number of community sporting hours. It belongs to the residents of the borough of Ealing and should not be disposed of in this way.


Definition of Metropolitan Open Land

"Metropolitan Open Land" or "MOL" is a term or designation used only within London.

Land designated MOL is afforded the same level of protection as the Green Belt.

Designation is intended to protect areas of landscape, recreation, nature conservation and scientific interest which are strategically important. Consequently any development of any kind on MOL must not only both be what is regarded as appropriate in the same way as Green Belt but the planning permission to carry it out cannot be granted by a London Borough acting alone, but requires the concurrence of the Mayor of London and the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government.


The Mayor of London has formally stated that he will, and Boroughs should, maintain the protection of Metropolitan Open Land (MOL) from inappropriate development, but for some unfathomable reason Boris has handed back the decision on Warren Farms's fate to Ealing Council who plans to fence it off for a corporate client in a 200 year lease. Any alterations to the boundary of MOL should be undertaken by boroughs through the DPD ("Development Plan Document") process, in consultation with the Mayor and adjoining authorities.


It is vital that Warren Farm continues  to contribute to the open physical structure of  Ealing by being clearly distinguishable from the surrounding built-up area

• That it remains open to the general public as intended and it includes varied open air sports facilities, not only football, but especially for leisure, recreation, other sport, arts and cultural activities which serve the whole of London.

• That it maintains its role in local recreation, and nature conservation providing habitat within the Brent River park plans.





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