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Warren Farm

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If you are concerned about the loss of Metropolitan Open Land, the loss of community playing fields and the disposal of public land currently in community use to commercial organisations in principle, then please write to your MP.    

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Write to your MP

Mayor Boris Johnson is the protector of London’s Metropolitan Open Land.  However, in the case of Warren Farm, he has delegated the decision on whether or not to intervene in Ealing’s plans to his deputy, Sir Edward Lister. ask him to reconsider... Find out more

Write to Boris Johnson

Eric Pickles MP is the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government and has the power to intervene in the case of loss of school playing fields and prevent Ealing from disposing of this community-focused public land to a commercial organisation.  ... Find out more

Write to the Secretary of State

Write to Julian Bell the leader of Ealing Council and express your views. Ask him to work with the community to ensure Warren Farm is kept as a borough wide asset and not disposed of or given away to a corporate company, reducing vital sporting facilities required by the electorate of Ealing .. Find out more

Write to Julian Bell Leader  of Ealing Council

If you feel strongly and want to support the legal fund to secure a judical review of Ealing Council's decision to dispose of Warren Farm, then please donate to the cause... Find out more

Donate to the legal fund to Save Warren Farm

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