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Warren Farm

Write to Sadiq Khan

Write to Sadiq Khan


Previous it was Mayor Boris Johnson that was the protector of London’s Metropolitan Open Land.  However, in the case of Warren Farm, he  delegated the decision on whether or not to intervene in Ealing’s plans to his deputy, Sir Edward Lister.

Sir Edward wrote to Ealing Council saying that he was “…content to allow Ealing Council to determine the case itself, subject to any action that the Secretary of State may take, and do not therefore wish to direct refusal.”

But Now we have a new Mayor Sadiq Khan

He made certain election pledges that he would protect "Green Belt " And Metropolitan Open Land has the same level of protection.  In a recent decision in June 2016 he threw out a planning application for a football stadium and two blocks of flats in suburban Kent.


Sadiq Khan said the decision was evidence he was sticking to his election pledge to protect the green belt.  As one of his earliest planning decisions, it will be seen as a statement of intent for the next four years. Sadiq Khan said the plans would cause “significant harm to an area of much-needed open green space”. 

“I am determined to oppose building on the green belt, which is now even more important than when it was created,” he said.


“Working with my planning team, I will continue to use my full range of planning powers to further strengthen protections for open and green spaces in the London Plan and ensure we are making the most of brownfield sites across the city, including the vast swathes of public land which are ripe for building homes for Londoners.”  .




If Mayor Khan allows the loss of Metropolitan Open Land, and the reduction of community playing fields by, in this case, two thirds, then we will gradually be diminishing the amount of open sports space that we have in London, not to say losing tranches of the Capital’s ‘green lung’.  And this is in the face of a growing London population, a baby boom ensuring that our Primary and Secondary Schools for the foreseeable future will be expanding to accommodate more children and students, not less, and the consequent need for playing fields to play outdoor sports being greater not less.


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