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Warren Farm

Write to the Secretary of State

Write to Amber Rudd - Secretary of State


Amber Rudd is the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government and has the power to intervene in the case of loss of school playing fields and prevent Ealing from disposing of this community-focused public land to a commercial organisation.  


In this case, if Ealing’s plans for Warren Farm Playing Fields were to go ahead, only one third of the space originally available for community outdoor sports would remain dedicated to the community.  There would no longer be space for full sized football pitches, those remaining being suitable for children’s matches or for adult five-a-sides.  The cricket wickets would be overlying the football pitches, so, unlike now, there would be no possibility of cricket and football tournaments taking place at the same time.

The outdoor netball courts would be lost, so this sport predominantly played by girls could no longer be played outside at Warren Farm.  The outdoor athletics field event facilities would be lost.

We understand that Mr Pickles has written to Ealing Council indicating that he is not minded to intervene, but the Council has failed to disclose this letter, so his position is unclear to us at the time of posting.

Please write to the Secretary of State to ask him to intervene and stop this ‘deal’ to dispose of public land via a lease lasting seven generations between Ealing Council and a commercial organisation which would result in the loss of two thirds of the current space allocated to outdoor community sports.

The Rt Hon Amber Rudd MP

House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA


Tel: 020 7219 7229

Or email her at:

Amber Rudd


Every letter to Amber Rudd counts!












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