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Angie Bray MP


(Ealing Central and Acton; Conservative)

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Steve Pound MP


(Ealing North; Labour) -

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Write to your MP



If you are concerned about the loss of Metropolitan Open Land, the loss of community playing fields and the disposal of public land currently in community use to commercial organisations in principle, then please write to your MP.    


Tell them why you object to this move by Ealing Council and please ask them to lobby Virendra Sharma MP into whose constituency Warren Farm falls, to highlight to him how much you value MOL and which aspect of this disposal of public land affects you most.  Virendra Sharma is on record as a strong supporter of disposing of the majority of this community space to this commercial organisation.


Please also ask your MP to lobby the other two Ealing MPs asking them to convey your views to the Leader of Ealing Council, Councillor Julian Bell (Labour).  


The MPs for the London Borough of Ealing are:

Mp viendra Sharma

Every letter to your MP counts! ...

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